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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Emphasis on Training!

For more than 30 years I was privileged to hold senior management positions of responsibility at some very notable Fortune 100 companies and contibuted to their success. When I retired from Corporate Life, I formed Targeted Tactics LLC, a management consultanting firm, and began helping early stage companies and entrepreneurs find their place within our business community. Now, it is time to teach others to help themselves by sharing the lessons learned along the way and transferring the knowledge gained from having had these incredible opportunities and experiences.

Please visit our new webste at www.targetedtacticsllc.com to learn more about the variety of training opportunities we have to offer. Whether you have a large group of enthusiasts seeking to start their own businesses, or an intimate group of key managers seeking a new approach, Targeted Tactics® has the tools and the techniques to help your group develop and realize its potential. 

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Financial Workshop Now Available!

Management's understanding how cash moves into, around, and out of an enterprise is critical for its survival. Most small business owners and entrepreneurs do not have the desire, or the time, to learn the intricacies of accounting principals. It is for this reason that we developed this workshop called: Financial Management for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. It can be provided in a half day or full day session and includes an easy to use software package that can be populated with each participants own data. We believe that attending this event is one of the most important things that a busy business owner can do to improve their understanding for financial success. E-mail us at info@targeted-tactics.com to learn more about this program.Laughing

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Supporting and Celebrating Small Business on ‘The Dial’
Due to exuberant demand for a radio show dedicated to small business, Bloomberg Radio has just announced the launching of a brand new talk show for entrepreneurs, hosted by entrepreneurs. “We look forward to offering information and interviews that will inspire and educate those who are passionate about the growth of small business in Colorado and the U.S.,” says Bill Cobb, co-host. “Small business represents 99% of American companies and creates two thirds of all new jobs. That is why our focus is on supporting the adventure of the small business owner. “Guests of the show bring both breadth and depth of expertise in matters that are close to the heart and mind of entrepreneurs. From local leaders to bakery owners, our intention is to add value to that group of people who sometimes feel they are out on their own, ” adds Leigh-Ann Zaharevich, co-host.Join Bill and Leigh-Ann every Saturday morning at 8:00 AM MST for Small Business Adventures on Bloomberg Radio, your home for business news. For more details, visit us online at Bloomberg1060.com.
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Business Alchemy Workshhop Now Available

The Business Alchemy Workshop is now available for entrepreneurs and new business owners to take full advantage of the research conducted by the authors of Business Alchemy: Turning Ideas into Gold. The program provides a "hands on" experience that will enable the participants to leave with meaningful information to help launch and manage their new businesses. It will be offerred as a single day overview; a three day intense workshop, and eventually as a three month certificate program. Our message to our new business owners and entrepreneurs is the same: You don't know what you don't know, so please take full advantage of what this program has to offer.
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